Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010, an early disaster?

as many have noticed, there has been a lot of earthquakes lately, firstly the bigone in haiti, then the one in chile, later parts of chile and cuba flooded, in chile people were shoplifting immediately after the earthquake, but stupidly not for food, they were stealing electronic stores. its been said that someone had the nerves to steal a 32" plasma TV from a local store the day after the earthquake, can this be a sign from up comming 2012? up to now all these disasters have been natural disasters, we as humans have no involvement with these earthquakes. anyhow, thinking that chile flooded, probably surrounding countries must have been flooded too. yesterday turkey had an earthquake too, this is happeing too often now, since it has happened at random in random locations in the globe. Where would the next earthquake be? would it be in a part of europe or in africa? we dont know yet. this is killing many people all ove the world and we have to ind a way to prevent it.

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