Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vw 1986 GT Passanger seat fix

so. i missed school from monday to tuesday scince the school was going to make some national tests, and i cant do them due to my low level on spanish knowlage. meanwhile, i took time to get the 1986 Golf GT a nice interior and exterior wash, noticing that the passenger seat was disconnected from the rail, i spend around 2 hours on getting it in the rail and getting the exact parts out of the tool box, i had to leave that seat just like the drivers seat was, to i expected it to tke a few days to do, and i was right, right now the piece that makes the seat move, is not working properly, since the golf sat for 10-20 years at a werehouse being turned on once a month, it is obviously something to expect. that damn golf has 50k miles, which is incredible for a golf, when you look at the interior it obviously shows that it has that milage. we payed like 6k dollars for that golf, and believe me or not, it is on museoum class right now.

alright. gotta cut the Ranting.

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