Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parents Getting Maried Today.

Today, Saturday 26th 2011, My father is getting married, i have to say i am not very exited about this, and expect this blog post to be rather short unlike my other ones.

in my opinion, he's getting married with an ugly whore, it simply cannot fit into my head that just 4 months ago i still had my mother, but my father had to fuck up and divorce. just 4 months, that he found this ugly chick and somehow managed to fall in love with her.

i do not understand love, mainly because i've never had a girlfriend, and yet because i don't want someone to be bossing me around lately, being single is awesome. i'm free.

But anyways, even if he get married, i wont let it get in me, i have no respect for that woman. None.

i won't lie. I miss my mom, i can't believe that nothing will ever be the same way it was before, no more holidays with her and my dad, no more traveling with her and my dad. absolutely nothing will ever be the same. This clearly shows that my father cares more about his happiness than the one of his children. everytime my father talks to my mom, he's disrespectful to her because she kept money instead of us, but my father has to understand that if she would have gotten us, she wouldn't have been able to pay for our education and our needs, heck she would have to get a job.

Why does love blind, for god's sake.



  1. Good luck with dealing with your situation. :) Followed.

  2. Just keep those opinions to yourself, so you stay on everyone's good side, haha.

  3. Just accept it the sooner the better trust me!

  4. If you've never been in love, then you can't judge.

  5. There's nothing more intreasting then the random events of total strangers. thank you for sharing.