Thursday, March 24, 2011

HP W1907 LCD Monitor Review

Hp's Sortof old w1907 monitor is a very strange sort of hybrid type of monitor,
mainly due to the fact that this monitor is cheap, bright, and has quite a lot of things that a regular monitor doesn't have, such as internal speakers.

This monitor comes with an output jack to insert an audio to audio cable to use these are your speakers by connecting them to your headphone jack. although these speakers aren't very powerful i have to admit, they are pretty useful for listening to music that doesn't have a lot of bass.

This monitor has 2 display ports, VGA and DVi, which is very impressive i have to admit because competitors such as some samsung displays i saw before getting this one.
only have VGA and nothing else. VGA looks very nice and bright how it shuold, DVI looks pristine. it would be very awesome to have an S-video output in the back too, because TV's are loosing this important port and its actually getting slightly hard to find a monitor that has one of those ports.

This monitor has:
-Brightnes Adjustments
-Contrast Adjustments
-Image Adjustments
-Color Adjustments
-Volume Buttons
and other things that you will find pretty common in other monitors.

This monitor can take up to 720p with a DVI/HDMI adapter, and i have to say it looks pretty nice.

One of the things i generally dislike of displays, is when the base is too weak to hold the display firmly, and if your desk is shaky the display will most likely wobble very often while you work.

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