Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mac App Review: A Monster Ate my Home Work.

Alright guys, as some of us may know the apple mac app store is extremely overpriced, as most of us notice, we go off and download free apps.


a monster ate my homework is a puzzle game, in this game eveything is ether a circle or a rectangle to make the game more basic and user friendly.

in this game, monsters are stacked up ether on or next to your homework, which is basicly a pile of books, these are on a big cartboard platform, which i know as the battlefield, if your homework falls off the platform, you loose one of the 3 stars, it is rated with a 3 star system instead of a 5 star system, because there are usually 3 piles of homework on the platform, one star is removed for every homework that falls.

stay tuned for more app and hardware reviews.

this game gets harder after every stage you get, and eventually everything is hanging on equilibrated platforms.



  1. Hah, might check this game out. But I have to agree, I'm not too fond of the app store either.