Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Music, music music and minecraft.

Sup chaps.

have you noticed that the holidays are almost over?
man time flies when you're enjoying yourself.

Anyway, lets get back on topic.
music. music is infact part of our daily life. you can't go through a single day without it. its pretty scary but its true. we hear music pretty much everywhere, advertizements, tv shows, even on the streets sometimes you can hear music due to some ass playing it at max volume on their car.

music can really help you go through an art block if you're an artist.
which im not, unfortionately. i play minecraft though.

in minecraft you can make works of art using cubes, build houses, castles, towers. and all that jazz. and the music in minecraft is just awesome i have to admit.

so i'll take my time to post some coollinks, its the type of music you'd listen in a rainy day. it's pure brilliance.

anyways, im being kicked off to go to eat.



  1. "all that jazz" in a post about music :) nice lol. its the simple things that amuse me...

  2. life without music would be so empty

  3. i love music but really i am kind of apathetic about it. i can go without it for the most part. i rarely do it while studying and if i do its classical. I listen to NPR in the car not radio music AKA garbage lol

  4. Niiice your link has the sheet music for this. I haven't looked at it yet, but I might try to manage this on classical guitar. That minecraft music brings back some memories of all nighters building cities with friends haha

  5. music keeps me going all day long. dont know what i would be without it

  6. I willfully wouldn't live a single day without music.