Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scam: NvidiaGTX480 Fermi

Sup guys.

lets talk about an experience that i have had this week upon building my first rig.

last saturday i ordered a Asus nVidia Geforce GTX 480 fermi to burn down my house lol.
payed like 350 bucks since the seller claimed it was brand new.
okay, seems legit. you now the drill.
i order it. it's monday, waiting for the package to arrive. nope. didn't arrive what the fuck? i go out and see there's a little note, left by the packaging company. saying they rang the bell and nobody came up to greet them, they were gonna go deliver the next day. i was home all day long wtf. nobody rang.

i go and check with my guide number on the packaging's website to see the progress, and it says the package was delivered to some bitch. i obviously wtf hard and phone then. they tell me there was an error with the machine, and they still had it.

so it's wed. finally. the fucker arrives. after so much trouble i finally had my fermi. i open it up, and i am greeted by a very damaged like looking box, it looks used. oh worry starts to kick in i may have been sold a used fermi, god fucking damn. driver envalopes look used, i wtf even harder.

finally i open the graphics card, and what so i see? an nVidia GTX260. USED, i can tell its obviously not new due to the scratches on the damn card housing, and the fact that the fan has dirt in it.

Not happy,

i head over to Nvidia to atleast check the spacs, to MAYBE see if it actually was a 280. NOPE. its a 260 800mb.

i raged, and emailed the seller.

seller's wife anwers and she's like are you sure that's not the card?
i pay you 350 bucks and you give me a used piece of shit.
and she's all like
send me pictures i'll have someone check them.
so i politely send some pictures. (it's a store, so i SHOULD get my shit.)
and a screenshot proving its a 260.

i'm now waiting for them to reply, god damn.

stay tuned for more.


  1. Duuuude... That blows so hard. I was just thinking of buying a card on ebay... now I'm re-thinking it... Best of luck man.

  2. Wow, thats complete and utter bullshit to get scammed like that. I hope you get this fixed, because I'd like to see your rig when you get done with it

  3. Im sure you will get what you wanted in the first place
    If not.... OBJECTION! ^^

  4. ouch yeah that sucks. its a chance we all have taken on getting scammed! +follow