Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shattered dreams, memories, friends..

Greetings my fellow viewers.

i have a basic question to as you, how do you feel when you remember a terrible memory?
how do you feel, when you remember someone came and showed you something you love turned out to be something terrible?
it's something terrible that has happened to all of us, sometimes at early points of their life, or late. but this shit happens. and it happens alot.
i would much rather die not knowing that what i love is a lie, than being told that the truth is, it's a lie.

Have you ever wondered onto a forest? getting into an adventure possibly alone or even better, with friends. back in the day, i did that. with my best friends. good times.
but people change y'know? backstabbings, betray. over the past few years, i've been dealing with these issues alot. now its spreading to my personal life, the fact that i have moved with my family to another country, an adventure. leaving all that i know behind and having to start all over again. everywhere i've been is different. in europe everyone's very well respected. it came well. but those 4 years of my life were bugged by the fact that i was lonely deep inside.

moving to Mexico was a huge downfall. the first year i was there i was endlessly bullied, over and over again. i couldn't do shit about it because i'm used to Europe with everyone being so damn respectful. a year later, at school nobody likes me for the fact that i'm socially awkward. why? the bullying left a scar in my real life personality. on the internet i may seem fine, but fuck. as soon as i remember, i'm a lonely ass it all goes down to hell. remembering that year that i was bullied, and i didn't do shit, flips me off. yada yada your family loves you and all that, they do. they all do. but you can't really go out and go party with your family. you just don't do that.

my fellow viewers i am a very lonely person apparently. but that's what life has brought me to so far. fuck socializing, fuck being respectful towards those who aren't respectful back. i have to do something about this. its blowing my mind.
i've always said " the key to life is optimism and confidence" which is true, because i haven't been optimistic, ether confident.

but what i am proud of though, is that i am able to teach others that.
i know someone who was shy as fuck at first, that person went through some very harsh times. i told that person what to do, and it worked. that person was fully recovered. i was a proud man. and i still am.

but back to what i'm suppoast to be rambling about.

you need friends to get you through hard times. make them. before it's too late and you end up like me. blogging, playing minecraft all day with no point.

don't forget viewers.

you're awesome, no matter what the fuck happens.
that's what should generally be in your mind when dealing with daily issues.


anyways, ill go get mac osx lion soon. expect a review for that.


  1. I'll be waiting to see your Lion reviews, I've been on Lion GM for what, 2 or 3 weeks now? I don't see it as being much different from 10.6.8 yet but there are a few nice changes

  2. Why did you move to Mexico?

  3. parents are originally from there.

  4. Mac is totally kicking ass. Are there any regional differences do you know? Like US vs. European Lion?

  5. Can not wait for lion osX review. following!

  6. so much truth and win in one post :D

  7. I agree completely. Very thoughtful post - I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for the update and I will be $ure to reward you for it ;)

  8. enjoyed this post, looking forward to more from here

  9. It isn't about what people do to you its what you do back for them. Sadly i've come to realize people only want something that adds to their life only when it comes to friendship and I feel the same

  10. Interesting post, windows user here but may convert!! going to follow and read so you can help me make my decision!