Friday, August 26, 2011

Scam:GTX480 Part 2

Hello everyone, i know it's bee a long time since i bothered typing anything up, let alone updating you guys on what happened with the graphics card i ordered.

so let's continue where i left off.
the day after i called, i got a call back from the people of the store, saying they were willing to replace the card, because there had been an error, and someone had switched the cards boxes.

so i go leave my damn graphics card there and in exchange they give me an EVGA GTX480, unfortioately it isnt a superclocked model, but that really ain't much of my concearn.

so, i got it and all was fine, whilei waited for the rest of the shit that i ordered to arrive.

a week passes and my shit is finally here.
i build everything allright, and when i decide it's time to boot, it doesn't.
no beeping, nothing, no image on the monitor.

i stayed up all night and the entire next day trying to get the motherfucker to boot, and it didn't so i gave up, and as a last try, i switched the graphics card with my old, fried 8800 GTS. it booted instantly. i installed w7 enterprise and all that shit. while wondering what could have gone so wrong in that card.
i switched position, used it as a secondary card, and nope, no image was comming out of the damn fucker.

so i called em' saying that the card was deffective, and i kept it in it's box all the time while i waited for my other shit to arrive. so i leave it there with them, they said they were going to have a technician check it to see what is wrong with it, and if it does have any problems, they will replace it

days later, today actually, i get a call from them saying they'll replace the card with another one that they have.

so i'm fine now. i should be picking the bastard later today when i am done with work.

i really hope they're done with their bullshit now. i've had it with these guys and i really don't want to come back with another deffective card. so best luck for that card.

stay tuned.

on a sidenote, hello my fellow followers. it's been a long while since i posted anything.
i feel like pointing out that i am almost at 100 followers. and almost 2 grand views!
this is such an accomplishment for me mainly due to that i haven't really made anything like this before.

Thanks guys. i fucking love you.


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  1. Wow... what terrible luck. Hope this next one works out for you.