Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm back

Hello my fellow readers, It's been a long time since i bothered posting anything in here
i know you're all dissapointed in all my fucking delays, but in all honesty, i've been fucking busy
i don't have as much time as i used to have, and there has been alot of changes in my life since
the last time i bothered posting anything. so this being my blog, the home of massive posts, i will say
pretty much everything that has happened since the last post i did.

First off, let's continue over from where i left off, the EVGA gaphics card scam bullshit
i managed to get myself tangled into. Everthing came out allright, i went and left the fucking
graphics card at their office, and they gave me an EVGA one, stock clock and all that jazz.
While i waited for all my other parts to arrive, it was left in it's box.
the day comes that i have to build my computer since all my parts finally arrive. It was a horrible night
i can assure you that. I spent hours and hours working on the computers cable management because i wanted the fucker to be perfect
but it seems like i was unable to do that. Later wheni came to power the fucker up, it wouldn't power up for shit.
an entire night later i decided to diagnose the problem the next day, which i did. the computer seemed to be booting fine and everything
but there was no picture. so i tested with an nvidia 8800gts i had laying around, (it was actually provided by my brother) and the computer was working fine
well, turns out that GPU was fucking dead as shit.

so i called the store again, and after a massive fight with the manager they promaised me another goddamn graphics card,
which i came to pick up the next day. Due to the ridiculous ammounts of inconveniences, they ended up giving me a superclocked
edition of the card, which i was happy to recieve, since i was getting something worth alot more than what i originally paid.
the graphics card works brilliantly, i'm using it right now and i haven't been disspointed with any bullshit, apart from the
ridiculous temperatures that these fermi cards have, especially the 480 which has reached about 95c on me while playing minecraft.

So it all worked out fine, i haven't said a single word to the damn seller since the card hasn't failed me at all.

Anyway, Moving on.

I have to admit, i used to be a massive macfag, and by that it means that i used to love apple and all that bullshit.
well as time passed i realized it was a whole bunch of bullshit, and started slowly building hatred towards the company.
When steve jobs died, i honestly didn't give a damn by that time, and i still don't. I have grown out of that bullshit and really,
i'm not proud of the products i own, since i actually realized how overpriced and how jewed out i got upon buying them.
Today, i ask myself, why would i buy something for the looks rather than the preformance? i'll be fucking damned, i can't believe
i actually wanted to get myself a powermac G5 at some point. it makes me feel like a massive faggot.

Ah well, such is life, they say.

Upon browsing /g/, i was fucked into the mechanical keyboard bullshit, to be perfectly honest, if i were able to get myself another mechanical keyboard, i probably
wouldn't get it and go for a regular rubber dome keyboard. it's a whole bunch of bullshit i tell you.
Now you're probably saying, and who the fuck are you to tell me what is worth it and isn't? you've only owned one keyboard.
and that is true, but i've used other mechanical keyboards, and in all honesty, they ain't worth the money, eventhough
i spent 30 dollars on the IBM model M i have. Mechanical keyboards may feel nice to use, but seriously, in my experiences they only
slowed my WPM down drasticly, made my hands tired after long preiods of typing, and it gave me complains from people saying it's loud as fuck.
i wasn't able to do shit late at night or in the morning without making an awful load of fucking noise due to the ridiculously loud
click click click that is given per key stroke on spring buckling keyboards. You know where my model M is right now? tucked away in my fucking closet
i decided to take out another keyboard i used to use, IBM too, but rubber dome. oh man it feels so good to have the keys be so nice and smooth
even better, quiet. I now there are quiet mechanical keyboards with cherry reds, etc but seriously, i highly recommend that you stay away from things that have the word
"mechanical" "gaming" and other bullshit, because they're just stupid gimmicks. You don't need a gaming keyboard, it won't give you much advantage, the only reason
i would buy a gaming keyboard would be for the macro keys, not for the LEDS and all that other bullshit. same thing with mechanical keyboards, it doesn't hurt to type
on a regular keyboard now does it? hell no, it doesn't. another thing i would like to mention is that i actually had alot of trouble with PS/2 keyboards.
my asus p8p67 derps upon booting and generally the keyboard wouldn't work unless i went to bios and restarted. no clue what all that was on about, but it's annoying and
really fucking unrelyable. On the topic of "gaming" gadgets and equipment, i feel like talking about these "gaming" mice people are all being fooled into buying.
nobody needs 3000 dpi, in fact anything above 1600 is ridiculous. i game, and win in alot of games with an intellimouse explorer 1.1. You know what that means? i game with
200 motherfucking DPI. 200. all my friends have from 1600 to 3000 or even more if i can remember right. it's all a whole bunch of unnecessary bullshit.
now, macros and all that, what about them? my intellimouse has 2 macro keys. it's what the razer deathadder has. a very, very common mouse that gamers have.
the only thing i'd fucking want is side scrolling, which surprisingly some gaming mice don't have. in my opinion, the only damn "gaming" mouse that is acceptable to buy
is the fucking razer naga because of it's ridiculous ammount of keys. nothing else. but then again, for that price you can get 2 sun microsystems keyboards that have fucktons of macro keys.
and no LED's. all that i fucking need, and all you fucking need. all those LEDS and other bullshit is gimmicks that are unnecessary, and you WANT.

Well, anyway we're geting out of topic over here.
So, my fellow readers, i have a rather stupid confession to make.
One of the primary things that has kept me busy over all this goddamn time, was this TV show.
This one TV show that much people have been fucked into watching. This, Girls TV show.
At this point you're probably going "oh god not another brony." Well i'll be fucking damned, son.
it is, indeed, My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. but in all seriousness, i don't go by "brony"
Hell no nigger, i go by ponyfag/ponyfriend. i fucking hate the term "brony" with all my soul.
i was fucked into watching this show by simple curiosity, and in all honesty, it was curiosity on finding out more information on this strange, blue rainbow maned creature.
i thought that those strange creatures were adorable as fuck. and i still do, one of the main reasons i watch this goddamn show is because i find it very innocent, adorable.
it helps me clear my mind and get over all the personal problems i've had to deal with over this year. it makes me feel warm inside.
Thanks to this show i made some new friends who i talk to every day, they keep me company, and we fucking do what i love doing, play dem vidya gaems all day long.
shit's nice. The show isn't bad, but sometimes may get a little cheesy with it's songs and all that jazz. But what do you expect, murder? on a girls TV show? hell no.
i didn't go on full faggot like most people making their fursonas, or how people call them "OC's" because seriously, that's fucking ridiculous and stupid.
i just concentrated on the mane 6. and since i tend to post in forums, i built up a massive reaction image folder, which is currently bigger than my regular reaction image
folder. Fucking amazing. Don't you think it's ironic, that i started watching this show, Friendship is magic, and i somehow managed to make friends, and stop being alonley depressed
fuck? i find it rather interesting, since i have learned alot about friendship and it's values from this shitter. Looking for something that will make you feel
happy as fuck, and help you get over problems? watch this fucker. but that's up to you, the show isn't for everyone and i ain't going to shove it up your throat.

Well, my fellow readers, i'm off to bed since it is about to be 3:30 AM.
Hope you all have a nice christmas and all that fucking bullshit.
Happy holidays for you readers who don't celebrate christmas.

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